What is ACBS?
Since its founding in 1975, The Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc. (ACBS) has grown into the largest membership organization in the world dedicated to the enjoyment of classic boats. All styles of classic boats whether they are wood, fiberglass, or metal, powered or non-powered are welcome. With more than 6,500 memberships and 50+ chapters throughout the United States and other countries, ACBS is the organization classic boat enthusiasts count on for resources essential to their passion for classic boats.

What is the North Carolina Coastal & Piedmont Chapter?
The North Carolina Coastal & Piedmont Chapter (NCC&P) of the ACBS was formed in 2005 to bring people together ACBS members living in the coastal and piedmont areas of North Carolina who have a passion for historic, antique, and classic boats, and who want to share friendship, information, and exchange ideas. Ask any member what they value most from our Chapter, and the answer will always include “the people you meet.”

Do I have to own a boat to join?
No! Boat ownership is not a requirement to enjoy everything our community has to offer. Our members are happy to include all enthusiasts whether or not you have a boat or boating experience. There are members with no boats, some just beginning a boat project, and members with more than a few boats.

My boat is still a project. Why should I join now?
Joining now may well enable you to save time and/or money during your restoration effort by networking with Chapter members. Our collective membership offers many decades of experience in finding, restoring, and maintaining the boats we all love.

What exactly are “classic” boats?
The ACBS has the following classifications:

  • Historic:  A boat built up to and including 1918
  • Antique: A boat built between 1919 and 1941 inclusive
  • Classic:   A boat built between 1943 and 1975 (any material)
  • Late Classic:  A boat built 1977 to 25 years prior to the current year.
  • Contemporary:  Any wooden boat built within the last 25 years.
  • Resto-Mod:  Any historic, antique, classic or late classic boat that has been restored and modified with non-original parts and technology.

Boats classified as Historic up through Late Classic will be judged separately as Preserved or Restored boats.

What do I get when I join ACBS?
When you join ACBS you may also select one primary chapter and one or more secondary chapters.  You must be a member of ACBS in order to be a member of an ACBS Chapter.  Each member is also allowed one co-member.  Each individual chapter has its own dues in addition to the ACBS dues.  As an ACBS member you receive the ACBS’s quarterly magazine, Rudder.  You also have access to the ACBS member database which will help you locate others with similar boats.  Through the ACBS website, www.acbs.org, you have access to a fantastic array of information, contacts, boating tips, restoration tricks, news, events, classified ads, resources, discounts, and a members’ only section. Check it out!

What do I get when I join NC C&P Chapter?
Joining the NCC&P Chapter will connect you with a whole network of enthusiasts with similar interests in acquiring, preserving, and enjoying classic boats.  New members will receive a free chapter name tag (if requested), an emailed copy of our monthly newsletter—Messing About in Boats, access to our website, and invitations to attend all chapter outings, shows and events.  We also give a free name tag to those who list our chapter as their primary chapter.

What events does NCC&P have?
Our event calendar varies from year to year.  Our intention is to have at least one event per month. Sometimes there is a parallel outing just for the co-members.  We also promote events held by those ACBS chapters located to the north, south and west of us to which we are invited.

What about help with maintaining boats?
Several times a year our chapter members open their workshops to allow our members to see work in progress and offer presentations on boat restoration, maintenance techniques, boat building, safety, and more. Sometimes we even work on our boats together. Our members are very willing to share their experiences and expertise with others. We’re here to help.

Is it expensive to own a classic boat?
Not as much as you’d think. It costs about the same to maintain a classic boat as it does any other boat. Also consider the depreciation of a brand-new boat. Look over the classified ads at www.acbs.org to see prices for “project boats” all the way to fully finished restorations and reproductions. Costs for a full restoration can vary greatly depending upon the size of the boat, its original condition, and the amount and quality of work performed. Often owners choose to do some of the work themselves to reduce overall costs.

Are there opportunities to publicly display boats with the Chapter?
Oh, yes! We have a long-standing appearance at the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort, NC show the first Saturday in May. The Chapter usually sponsors one boat show when and where possible. We also share information about other regional and national opportunities. Both the on-the-water and dry-land shows are well received by crowds admiring the beautiful boats.

My boat is old enough to be a classic, but it’s not wood. Is that a problem?
No, as long as your boat is over 25 years old it qualifies as a classic boat. Actually, fiberglass and aluminum boats are a rapidly growing source of members in the ACBS community. Both are relatively inexpensive and offer both challenges and benefits to their owners. No matter what your boat, you will always find members that share your particular interest.

How is the NCC&P Chapter organized?
There are over 60 members governed with a Board of Directors that meets quarterly to plan activities and keep the chapter running smoothly.  We invite you to peruse the NCC&P  website, https://vintageboat.org/  Please contact any of listed Board members if you have questions.

I’m all in! How do I join?
The following link will take you to the ACBS Join page: https://acbs.org/join/  Click on the “Join” burgee (left side). Complete the form online and add NCC&P as your primary chapter (dues $20).  We hope to see you at a meeting or event soon!