Welcome to the North Carolina Coastal and Piedmont Chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society

July 1, 2022

Greeting fellow boat enthusiasts!

Boo! Did I scare you? I doubt it, but don’t feel bad if I did. Many of us are easily frightened this time of year. In addition to ghosts and goblins, some of the specters that haunt me these days are: hurricanes, political ads, holiday calories and college football losses. All are inevitable, and maybe bring night-mares for you, too.

Never fear, though! We boat aficionados can always find a happy, fright-free place in our hobby. On the water or in the work-shop, an October day with a boat is hard to beat for keeping the world’s evils at bay. Sure, plenty can vex us, but boat problems are relatively benign all things considered.

Speaking of happy days with boats, be sure to plan on attending our boat show on October 22nd in New Bern. Don’t let the pirate namesake fool you; Blackbeard Sailing Club is about the most jovial, carefree place you can go. No keel-hauling or plank walking for this lot. Instead, our show planners, Alan and Judy Hills, have a full day of pure enjoyment scheduled, all of which you can read about below.

In other news, I’ll repeat what I mentioned last month - club elections are upcoming! If and when you are nominated for a position, please consider serving. It’s a non-scary job. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask any of the current officers or directors.

As always, thanks to everyone who helps make the club tick. Your efforts are appreciated!

Hope to see you at an event soon!

Jeff Martinson, President

2022: What's New or News?

October 2022 Messing About in Boats
Click here to view the latest newsletter.  Read about Jeff Martinson saying goodbye to his boat and about Mike Triplett saying hello to his.  Alan Hills wrote an article about his need for speed.  The chapter Boat Show will be held on October 22nd at Blackbeard Sailing Club in New Bern.  Read about several boat shows:  Smith Mountain Lake, ACBS International Show, and the show at Skaneateles.  Notice of the Fall Fun Run on Lake Gaston scheduled for 11/12.  And a few other items of interest.

Upcoming events
Watch the website and the newsletter for events that our chapter is either sponsoring or encouraging you to participate in.  Here are a few key dates for August to November:

  • 10/22 Sat Chapter Boat Show at Blackbeard Sailing Club in New Bern.  Questions?  Email Alan Hills.
  • 10/26  Wed 6 PM Chapter Annual meeting & elections. Will be an in-person meeting.  Mannings Restaurant 406 E. Main St. in Clayton
  • 11/12 Fall Foliage Fun Run on Lake Gaston with lunch at a restaurant.  Questions?  Email Jim Alexander

Boat Show Frequently Asked Questions
We have developed a list of questions that you might have about the 10/22 Boat Show at BSC.  If we did not answer your question, click here to email Alan Hills.  Click here to read the Boat Show 2022 FAQs document.

Boat Show Registration form
We have developed a Fillable PDF registration form We request you type in your answers, save it to your computer, email a copy of the saved document to Alan Hills, print a copy of the document and mail it with your check to Alan Hills.  The mailing information is on the form.

2022 Boat Show Poster
2022 boat show poster low res to download.

2022 boat show poster low res

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