Welcome to the North Carolina Coastal and Piedmont Chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society

July 1, 2022

Greeting fellow boat enthusiasts!

Normally, I use this space to make some observations about the weather, recap what’s been going on in the club and preview what’s upcoming.  This time, however, I’ll skip all that.  (You know what the weather’s been like, and you can read for yourself the reports of recent events and the calendar of upcoming ones!)  What I want to focus on instead is our content creator and how we can all help her to keep the newsletter entertaining and informative.

In case you didn’t know, our newsletter editor is the creative, never-tiring, ever-reliable Judy Hills.  She makes sure it gets published every month on time and is filled with lots of useful information.  Most of the content springs from Judy’s own experiences or creativity.  Judy is very active in the ACBS community and can draw on this to fill our pages.  But this is a lot to ask of one person (not the least because she also maintains the webpage, keeps the calendar and records the meetings, among other things.)

So, how can we all help? First off, you can make a submission.  It can be a full article on basically any topic.  As you can see in this edition, we’re a club about our members and not just about boats!  You can also submit something shorter:  Have you heard a good boating joke?  Have a product experience to relate?  Know of a good boating “hack” you’d like to share?  All of those would make good material for the newsletter.  How about pictures?  They say they’re worth 1000 words - we think so, too!  Send us your boating pics and let us all enjoy or commiserate your adventures as appropriate.

Another way you can contribute is by collaborating with our capable scribe, Judy.  This is especially helpful for those of us with chronic Writer’s Block (yes, I suffer badly!)  In other words, let Judy transform your story for the page.  She can prepare the raw story into an article with a short email from you, or having a conversation either in person or over the phone.  Again, you’ll see examples of that in this edition.

And, with that, I’ll close this month’s column and let you get to the reading that is the heart of the newsletter.  Thanks as always to the members to club who worked so hard last month to “make things happen.”  I especially want to acknowledge Robert and Patty Blanchard for hosting the meet-up on the 25th, Judy for running the scavenger hunt and other activities, and Alan Hills and Denny Cole for providing some impromptu programming.  Steve Filarsky, we wish you a speedy recovery!

To everyone, happy boating and I’ll hope to see you at an event soon!

Jeff Martinson, President

2022: What's New or News?

August Edition of Messing About in Boats
Click here to read.  Contributions from members always welcome.  Email to newsletter editor Judy Hills by the 25th of the month.

Trailer and engines added to Member Trading Dock 6/10/22
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Upcoming events
Watch the website and the newsletter for events that our chapter is either sponsoring or encouraging you to participate in.  Here are a few key dates for August to November:

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