Welcome to the North Carolina Coastal and Piedmont Chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society

January 1, 2023

Greetings fellow boat enthusiasts!

2 PM I hope this letter finds you safe and content, having had all the blessings of a hearty holiday season!  Given all the health, weather, travel and other complications that seem to have abounded during the final months of 2022, I realize this might have been no mean feat.  Such vexations visited the Martinson household to close out our year, but fortunately we were able to make it all work in the end.  If nothing else, it gave us a reason to be grateful for all the “uncomplicated” Christmases of yore, and grist for great tales in the years to come.

4 PM  January is a time to reflect back and also plan ahead, and this newsletter keeps with that spirit.  Our club accomplished tremendous things over the preceding twelve months, with numerous get-togethers, workshops, socials and other activities.  We added several new members and did a great job in general getting the word out to the community about our hobby.  You can read about the most recent events and additions in the articles below.  You can also read about the marvelous Christmas Holiday Party put on by Bill and Sharon Conley.  It was an epic night with games, trivia, delicious food and overall conviviality.  Thank you to the Conleys and Hills for organizing the activities!

Next month, our ACBS neighbors in the Smith Mountain Lake chapter have an excellent workshop event planned for Saturday, January 14th.  Several speakers will share their insights regarding wood, canvas and fastener selection.   The SML folks always put on a good show, and this one includes donuts, coffee and lunch for $10.  Additional information about the day is listed below.

In conclusion, the upcoming year promises to be as full as the last - or more so - with the club officers and directors meeting on January 25th to sketch it all out.  Last year, we fielded an extensive survey asking what kinds of things y’all wanted to do; the results will still inform our decisions this year, but please don’t hesitate to contact any of us if you have additional suggestions!  And please remember that everyone is invited to the monthly meetings, most of which are held over zoom.

With that, I’ll wish you all a healthy and happy New Year!




2023: What's New or News?

January 2023 Messing About in Boats
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Congratulations to the 2022 Chapter Award winners:
Rookie of the Year:    John Dougherty
Broken Cable::           John Justice
President's Award:    Sharon Conley

Upcoming events
Watch the website and the newsletter for events that our chapter is either sponsoring or encouraging you to participate in.  Here are a few key dates:

  • 2/25 Sat.  Workshop for guys at Bill Conley's Boat House (sic) in Raleigh and outing for gals (watch newsletter for details)
  • 3/23-27  Sunnyland ACBS Boat Festival in Tavares, FL

2023 Chapter Board:  (Below L to R):
Alan Hills (VP), Judy Hills (Sec), John Justice (Director), Jeff Martinson (Pres), Jim Alexander (Director), John Dougherty (Director), Bill Conley (Director), and Kevin Leiner (Treas).
(Not pictured Dan Bixler-Director).

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