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Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year fellow boat enthusiasts!  I hope this message finds you and yours healthy, happy and well rested at the end of a trying year.

I’m honored and excited to be swapping roles with Alan for 2022.  He will be vice-president, and I’ll fill in as president.  His (boating) shoes will be mighty difficult to fill, but I know that with the help of the rest of the officers, the board and the general membership we have pretty good prospects for the coming year!

For those of you who I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, a little introduction is probably in order: I originally hail from Portland, Oregon, where I grew up constantly badgering my dad to take us out on his 42’ 1963 Chris Craft Constellation.  Having upsized to a boat that he was increasingly uncomfortable using in the narrow and swift sloughs of the Columbia River, the best response I could usually get was, “we’ll see…”—my dad's attempt to say "no" without breaking my spirit.  When I finally got my own first boat many years later, I lovingly christened it We'll See as a reminder of those days and the vagaries of boating - and life - despite the best intentions.

In 1999, my wife, Alice, and I left Oregon for Ohio and then North Carolina, landing in Raleigh in 2006.  I’ve been an active member of the RDC-cum-Coastal & Piedmont ACBS chapter ever since, serving various roles, and learning more than I could have ever imagined there was to know about wooden boats along the way.  The “queen” of the fleet is our 18’ 1962 Chris Craft Holiday, and its ladies-in-waiting are two late-70’s 22’ MacGregor sloops and a ‘17 1958 Thompson Sea Lancer.  Our crew consists of Alice (my prime mate) and three daughters, ages 13, 11 and 11.  Suffice it to say, my abiding passion is boats and boating, and the rest of the family is well on the way to sharing the same sentiments!

As for the club, 2022 holds lots of amazing possibilities for meet-ups, workshops and on-the-water events!  Of course, the never ending health situation means we’ll need to be flexible and cautious, but if I can say so without jinxing it - we’ve learned a bit about that over the past two years.  The survey that many of you completed (24 total responses, which is a huge return rate!) provides excellent insights into the members needs and wants.  We’ll be consulting it thoroughly to establish our calendar, which we’ll firm up and publicize in the next several weeks.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I again send my best wishes to you and your families.  Please don’t ever hesitate to me with any questions or concerns you have about your club.  Thank you for your support of the club, and I’ll look forward to having fun with boats sometime soon!

Jeff Martinson, President


What's New or News?

Save the Date--Saturday February 19th
We have confirmed that we will have an outing to Gary Lowell's shop in Greensboro.  The plan is for a tour, lunch there, and then a short workshop.  Do put this on your calendar. Details to be published in the February newsletter.  Click here to sign up.

Chapter's 2021 Annual Report Now Available
The Annual Report is a concise report of the Chapter's accomplishments in 2021.  We invite you to read it.  Click here.

Chapter Logo Ball Caps
We have just received a new order of khaki ball caps with the chapter logo.  If you want one, email VP Alan Hills. Cost $20.

Messing About in Boats--January edition
Click here
to read the January newsletter.

2022 Chapter Survey of Outings/Events
Click here
to see results.

Video of Christmas Party
Joe Peacos put together a short video of our Christmas party.  Click here to view it.

2021 Chapter Awards
If you are not familiar with our chapter's awards, we encourage you to click here to read their history. There is also a list of winners since 2019 on the page.  If you were not available to attend the Christmas party and want to read the President's awards speech to find out who got what and why, click here.

Wrightsville Beach Big Boat Cruise Video--Member Joe Peacos has created a wonderful video reminder of this event.  For those unable to attend, check out what you missed!  Click here.

There are quite a few apparel choices on the ACBS website:  polos, hoodies, caps, beanies, vests, fishing shirts, pullovers, jackets, blazers, and other types of shirts—for men and women—reasonably priced.  There is  good selection of sizes as well.  You can add the ACBS logo or the chapter logo (we have sent it to them) and other text (like your name).  Click here to check out the selection.


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