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May 3, 2022

Greeting fellow boat enthusiasts!

It’s finally here!  The weather is warm, the water is high and it’s boating season.  To be sure, some people never haul out and stay on the water all year.  And there are more than a few freakishly nice days between November and May when even the meek will find it not crazy to venture out in their boats for the day.  But for many of us, May heralds the start of the long warm season where frost is forgotten and frolicking outdoors carries a lessened risk of hypothermia.  (Of course, the water itself can still be very cold - so be careful!)

To my mind, there is no better way to celebrate the onset of boating season than with the Beaufort Wooden Boat Show.  It’s a delight for the senses, with the whole town taking on a festival atmosphere.  There are boats on display, boat building demonstrations, musical performances, historical presentations and, of course, lots of good food to eat and things to buy.  It’s great fun for the whole family and many of our members make it a regular part of their annual calendar.  Indeed, we’ve also hooked quite a few from the event, as well!

In addition to the show, our chapter is also invited to a tour of the Jarrett Bay Marine Park and a pre-show party at Jim Moores’ establishment on Friday, the day before the show itself.

Finally, however you decide to inaugurate the boating season, be sure to do so safely.  Don’t forget to tell someone your float plan, install your drain plugs (or remove them, whatever the case may be) and take your time getting your sea legs back.  And always remember the old sailor adage: More haste, less speed!

Jeff Martinson, President

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Watch the website and the newsletter for events that our chapter is either sponsoring or encouraging you to participate in.  Here are a few key dates for May and June:

Chapter Logo Ball Caps
We have just received a new order of khaki ball caps with the chapter logo.  If you want one, email VP Alan Hills. Cost $20. Only 3 left as of 28 March.

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