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2018 RDC Triangle Fall Meet-up
Bridgeton Harbor Marina
October 6, 2018
Dear antique and classic boat enthusiasts,
This year the RDC Triangle chapter of the ACBS will be holding a gathering to celebrate our hobby in lieu of a full-blown Boat show. Several factors weigh into this change, namely the large geographic area our chapter encompasses and relatively small number of members coupled with the lack of a “home lake”. which all stress our resources to an unsustainable level.
None the less, we have planned an event where we can gather together and enjoy some of the activities our hobby affords us. To make this all work for us, some of the staples of previous events (boat shows) will be omitted. We will not have any judging or awards at this event. Nor will there be posters, T-shirts, ID tags for members or boats or free captains party on Friday night. We have reduced our registration fees accordingly to reflect these changes. So, the focus will be on having fun and fellowship with our beloved classic boats.
Now that all that’s out of the way, here is what we are planning to do:
• Event activities will begin with a Friday afternoon visit to Phillips Plating, whom many of us patronize, where Jerry Phillips will give us an explanation and demonstration of the chrome plating process. 1:00 PM to about 2:30. After that I think some of us will be in the mood to burn some gas out on the river!
• A Friday night gathering at the Double Tree hotel in New Bern on the Trent River. There is a full waterfront restaurant/bar with dockage for about 8 boats, depending on availability. Members order and pay for whatever their pleasure is.
• Meet-up Saturday from 9:00-3:00 at Bridgeton Harbor Marina, 1101 N. B St, Bridgeton, NC. Water and land displays of boats, motors and related items.
• Dinner Saturday evening at the Eastern Carolina Yacht Club. Plan to arrive around 5:00 PM for drinks and socializing. Menu to be grilled beef tenderloin, potatoes, and salad. We will also have fried chicken for those who prefer. This will be our 3rd year being hosted by this iconic New Bern club and any of you who have been to either of the last 2 dinners know what a special treat this is. Please plan to go there by boat if at all possible…...those folks just love having them on their docks. Also, this will be BYOB with our club providing sweet tea and soft drinks and ice.
• There is a possibility that our event may be joined by other groups. There has been talk of a seaplane fly-in, an art show and a car club cruise-in. As of yet none of these is confirmed. Their participation is being organized by others with input from our chapter.
I sure do hope to see as many old (and new) friends “meet-up” for this event.
Alan Hills, Event Chairman

2018 Fall Meet-up Registration Form.

2018 Fall Meet-up FAQ sheet


Here is a list of the 2017 Show award winners:

Best Lapstrake - Joe Peacos, Barbour Vacationer
Best Outboard - Joe Ludgate, Larson 17, Huntyjo
Best Runabout - Chip Paradis, 1933 Chris Craft runabout, DonnaJean
Best Utility - Bruce Harvey, Whirlwind, Less Golf
Best Continental - Jon Homeister, 1958 18', Cure All
Most Original - Danny & Paula Wolf, 65 Owens 34', Hope Lee
Best Contemporary, Gerald Hurst, Legend Has It
Best Non-Wood, Harry Warren, 1973 Chris Craft Jet Boat, Faster
Peoples Choice - Gerald Hurst,Glen-L, Legend Has It
Captains Choice - Richard Charles, Trojan outboard runabout, Less Golf


RDC Triangle Chapter Sponsors Boat Building Scholarship

Beginning in November 2015 the RDC Triangle Chapter has made a yearly donation of $1,000 to the Cape Fear Community College to provide financial assistance to a student there enrolled in the wooden boat building program. Show proceeds in excess of expenses are used to provide this type of assistance. A photo of the student awardee can be seen below. Click on the link that follows for the letter from CFCC. Click Here


Many of you take your antique or classic boat to shows.  ACBS shows are wonderful venues to display your handiwork and to have others admire your favorite work of art—your boat.  In preparation for the show, you spiff her up, tune her up and make sure you have her in tip-top shape.  The men will appreciate the fact that you can eat off the engine and that the boat has a throaty sound unique to that genre of vessel.  However, women who attend the show view things a little differently.  What pleases the crowd?  In order to attract the viewing public to the show we need to go the extra distance.  Here are some dos and don’ts regarding putting your best foot forward at the ACBS shows when displaying your boat in the water.  These suggestions are not related to the formal ACBS judging which gets into the authenticity of the boat and its accessories.  We have attended a lot of boat shows around the country and these are the things we have noted that improved the experience—made the visitors go “Wow!” versus “That’s nice”.  This article is about how to “wow” them.


  1. Make your dock space an extension of your boat.  Space may determine just what can be accommodated on the dock.
    1. Mat or rug
    2. Display telling the history or story of the restoration of your boat.  Before and after photos are great.  Books are OK, but posters are better.
    3. A nautical chair for you to sit in (if space allows)
    4. A display with nautical or other associated items of the period.
  2. If it is a windy day, be certain that your displays are anchored in some way.
  3. The owner (and first mate or guest) should dress in apparel of the time period of the boat’s hey-day.  This not only shows well, it looks great when running your boat on the water. 
  4. Add items to your boat that were unique to the time.  Examples include cookers, bottles, towels, skis, hats, fire extinguishers, etc. 
  5. Use fenders and lines that look nice with the boat.
  6. Flemish your dock lines neatly to prevent trips and falls.  Besides they just look more nautical (shipshape) than a pile of line.
  7. Display the ensign and your vessel’s flag (if there is a place to do so) at all times during the show.
  8. Ensure that the surfaces and the upholstery of your boat are as clean as possible. 
  9. Wipe dew and water off the varnished surfaces—at least off the bow, deck and transom.
  10. Shine the chrome pieces and keep them shiny during the show. 
  11. Accessorize with items that have the name of your boat.
  12. As much as possible have someone in or near the boat to answer questions.  Be pleasant.  Smile. 

Greet the visitors.  Take your nose out of that book or e-reader and talk to them.


  1. Display any “for sale” or “for hire” signs.  Most shows won’t let you do that anyway.  If you are selling your boat—have a brochure made up that you can discretely hand out to those interested.
  2. Make the dock look too cluttered by the displays.
  3. Place your displays in an area where visitors might trip over them. 
  4. Overdo the number of items displayed on the boat.  One or two tastefully displayed items will show better than a plethora of mismatched ones.
  5. Display items on the boat that are not germane to the boat.  For example, if your boat was never used for skiing, don’t display water skis.
  6. Let lines and fenders hang over the side when running the boat during the show.
  7. Leave items lying around where they can be seen that are not of the period (whenever possible).  Yes, your fire extinguisher may need to be left in place, but that plastic box with your cleaning supplies and that big plastic bag with your neatly folded PFD’s do not.  If you cannot store them where they cannot be seen, then remove them from the boat if you can.

If you’re a guy reading this and you just can’t be bothered, enlist the help of your significant other or a good friend (or a decorator for that matter!).  Perhaps this is a way to get them more involved in the experience.  And when you get tired of the same display, change it up. Swap display items with other ACBS members.  Go on a treasure hunt online or in stores for items desired.
If we want to attract people to preserving these beautiful vessels, we need to draw them in.  While a nice looking, good running boat is a necessity, accessorizing the vessel with period displays will put the viewing experience over the top and attract more lookers. And lest we forget, the best way to hook ‘em is to take them for a ride.  "Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing—absolute nothing—half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

Here are links to  photo albums of pictures taken at the last two shows.

2016 Show:

2015 Show: 



Show Cancelled

The event scheduled for Saturday Oct 6, 2018 at the Bridgeton Harbor Marina has been cancelled due to the lingering effects of Hurricane Florence. There is no "rain date".

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